About us

Kajo Stelter

is the current president of the association. He studied Asian Sciences at Bonn University and acquired a few years later a master in Resource Management and Agricultural Sciences of the Tropics and Subtropics. He lived for some years in China, traveled extensively through Africa and is currently working as a freelancing arborist.


Johannes Dill

co-founder and vice-president of the association. Johannes obtained a Bachelor in Economics at Frankfurt University and a Master in Development Economics in Norway. During his academic career he studied and worked in Argentina, Peru, China and Uganda. After one year of work for the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)  in Germany and Vietnam on agricultural issues he now works in the private industrial sector.


Alex Wellenbeck

also a founding member of the association, Alex is the GIS specialist of the team. While studying Tropical and International Forestry (MSc) in Goettingen and Spain, he gained his first professional experiences in Argentina and Laos. After having worked as freelance forest technician in Germany, he joined GIZ as technical adviser for rural development and natural resource management in Cameroon. Alex is currently living in Dakar, Senegal.


Catherine J. Letcher Lazo

founding member of the association. Catherine studied Anthropology of the Americas at Bonn University. She is currently working as a research assistant and tutor at the Department for the Anthropology of the Americas (University of Bonn) and completing her PhD studies. She carried out extensive fieldwork in Mexico, Yucatán, living for two years in Maya-speaking communities. Her research interests and areas of expertise are bilingual education, ethnicity, gender studies, methods in anthropological fieldwork, Yucatec Maya and cognitive anthropology.


Cristian Moreno

was born and graduated as Agricultural Engineer in Argentina. Since then, he spent about 8 years conducting research and field experiments with tropical forages, range management, grassland science and grassland ecology. He has visited and studied grasslands of Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, South Africa and United States. More recently, he also explored Australian rangelands and livestock systems as well as visited CIAT in Colombia. In 2014 he published in the Journal of Applied Vegetation Science his thesis conducted during a master program in tropical Agriculture. He is currently working in ex situ conservation of international collections of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture as a project management assistant and data analyst where he runs a little database with MySQL queries. For more than 20 years, he is a passionate honey producer and every year he can renew his fascination for bees.