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M&E Workshop

Together with instructors from the GSI in Bonn we are giving a workshop on practical methods of Monitoring & Evaluation of small scale developmental projects! It will be held in the Evangelische Studierenden Gemeinde in Frankfurt on the 14.-15. of April.

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flyer workshop       Programme

4000 saplings planted

Last week our project manager Ibrahim transplanted more than 4000 saplings from a tree nursery in Misugusugu in Kongowe which he manages himself. They were planted on fields surrounding the Kidogozero primary school. Species were Cedrella ordorata, Terminalia superba, Terminalia ivorensis as well as Orange and Mango trees.

EPN membership

Because networking is everything we recently became a member of the Development Network Hessen. We are looking forward to cooperations in the future.

Board member of the Erbacher Foundation visits project

Beginning of September Ibrahim Hussein was honored by a visit of a board member of the Erbacher Foundation. They visited the Mwambis Secondary School where currently 7000 seedlings are raised in a newly established school nursery. Furthermore Ibrahim demonstrated the traditional method of beekeeping and explained the benefit the polliniation of the sunflower fields owned by Uwako Farmer Group members has to them. The common transport difficulties were part of the experience.

We are very happy that this direct contact between the project manager and the main donor from Germany has come true. It is the first step for Weltweit e.V. to become itself dispensible.

First Cine workshop this year in Choachí

Our partner POPULUS has begun its first Cine Comunidad workshop in Choachí, not far from Bogotá. A group of kids and teenagers are taught how to produce a short film that deals with a certain problem in the community. We are looking forward to learn more of the result and impact.

Ecokids and Nomadenhilfe visiting

Katrin Conzelmann-Stingl from the Ecokids and Sandra Busch from the Nomadenhilfe came visiting our headquarters on the 25. of August. While we enjoyed a honeybread we discussed a projectplan where childreen at a school in Germany as well as at a school in Bhutan are taught apiculture (beekeeping) and are developing on that ground a school partner- and friendship that will later surpass the mere topic of beekeeping – so is the vision.

Populus Proyectos Communitarios connected to the Goethe Institut in Bogotá

So far we haven’t been successful to find foundations that would support the Cine-Comunidad project of our partner POPULUS financially. Although everyone finds it nice and meaningful, it would still not rank high enough on their priority list to receive funding. Which is obviously sad because this project can help substantially to build up a functioning democratic society by giving those people a voice who are at the end of the power chain. Especially after the endless period of civil war this kind of civil involvement is dearly needed in Colombia. What happens when state building mechanisms are neglected can currently be seen at too many other countries.

Nevertheless, money is not everything. Just as important should it be to gain a network. Therefore we are happy that we were able to connect POPULUS with the Goethe Institute in Bogotá. Last month they were invited to participate in a communication workshop at the Institute. Their Cine-Comunidad project received very positive feedbacks and we will see if this can lead to more support or cooperation.

We thank gratefully Mr Hilmar Hoffman who is the former president of the Goethe Institute and who gave us the advice to get in touch with the Institute in Bogotá. I guess his name opened doors!

Support for the Tanzania project

The Erbacher Foundation has granted Ibrahim’s project a substantial amount. The financing for the first project year is thereby secured. In the meantime we have more funding applications with other foundations pending. If we would receive addtional funds we will secure funding of activities already of the second year and that would give of course Ibrahim more planning security.

We thank the Erbacher Foundation!