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Support for the Tanzania project

The Erbacher Foundation has granted Ibrahim’s project a substantial amount. The financing for the first project year is thereby secured. In the meantime we have more funding applications with other foundations pending. If we would receive addtional funds we will secure funding of activities already of the second year and that would give of course Ibrahim more planning security.

We thank the Erbacher Foundation!


Company support of the project in Colombia

We are very happy to have received our first project support by a private company. The media company MediaRange with its seat in Bad Soden is supporting the Cine Comunidad 2017 project in Colombia with hardware that is needed for the project activities.

Many thanks go to MediaRange!!

New project in Colombia

Andres Bodensiek comes from Colombia and studies a Master in Agriculture and Food Economics at the Univsersity of Bonn. He asked us to join him in his support of an organisation called Populus Proyectos Comunitarios based in Bogota. Populus is a registered Ngo that was founded in 2011 by five friends. Their goal is to create awareness of social problems in the rural outskirts of Bogota using the arts and cultural events and especially through filmmaking.

In the last 6 years Populus has conducted workshops in 14 communities teaching children and adolescents how to produce short films that document the living conditions in their communities. The shorts were displayed for public in an event called „Cine Comunidad“ and also on various film festivals. The youth learned a new skill that would give them a new perspective in life and the communities were collectively confronted with their specific social problems. In most of these communities that has led to surprising changes which has convinced us to support Andres and his project. You’ll learn more about it under Projects soon.


Project Update Tanzania: Phase 1

Shortly after we have received the first support from the Hand in Hand-fonds Ibrahim the project leader has launched a couple of stakeholder meetings and the first workshops with farmers. The goals that he had set with the Uwako farmer cooperative over the course of the last year were made more concrete. Areas where trees will be planted were chosen, as well as the tree species. Property and user rights were agreed upon and the first basin to save water for a tree nursery was constructed. Thus Ibrahim has motivated the participating villagers but also created quite some expectations that now the project activities will start. He hopes to be able to use the momentum and start the establishement of the first nursery before the coming rainy season. All he needs is, guess what, ha ha: money!

We welcome donations, thank you

New project in Tanzania in preparation

After having fullfilled quite successfully his project in the Usambara Mountains, the former Masterstudent from Bonn University Ibrahim Mkwiru is ready to engage with a new local initiative. The Kibaha Coastal Nature Conservation Union asked him to help them plant 60.000 trees and instruct 200 farmers in the skill of apiary.

Weltweit received confirmation that this project will also be supported financially by the Hand in Hand-Fonds.

Thank you!!!

Welcoming our new member Stephane

On the 8th of May we had a small association meeting where we welcomed our new member Stephane from Ivory Coast. Stephane gave us a little workshop on fair trade and value chains of natural products from Africa and it seems that we are getting into this field of supporting the locals – sooner or later.

Empower the Locals

Visiting the project in january

Beginning of january three of us spent their holidays in Tanzania and used the opportunity to visit Ibrahim and his project in the Usambara Mountains. Rather than writing thousands of words and posting millions of photos we decided to shoot videos that would explain and give an impressive insight into the land, the people and the project work. The first videos have been edited:

Another support through the Hand in Hand-Fonds

The Hand in Hand-Fonds is conjointly administered by Rapunzel and the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). They support the reforestation project of the people of Longoi and Mlifu with 4500 €! This money will especially be used to craft beehives and teach the farmers the skill of beekeeping and honeymaking. The boxes with the bees will be installed into the trees of the communal forest and the honey will serve as an alternative source of income for the villagers. This will contribute to the sustainabilty of the entire project.
Rapunzel obtains its ecological cultivated and fair traded resources from contract farmers all over the world. 1 % of the Hand in Hand products‘ purchase prize goes as donation into the Hand in Hand-Fonds, which then supports projects like the one of the Longoi Agricultural and Environmental Group.
End of November Kajo was invited to visit Rapunzel in southern Germany. He was truly inspired by this humane Company and its wonderful history. If you can, eat Rapunzel!