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First Summer Academy conducted successfully

We thank everyone who participated in our first summer project management academy. The 6 full days filled with project planning, M & E and storytelling content have pushed everyone to their limits, but reading through the participants‘ evaluation, we have achieved our goal and a clear mission to repeat it the next year. We also thank the mayor of Bad Soden, Dr. Blasch, that he has found the time to welcome our workshop participants in Bad Soden.

Partnership with AFRIDAT

At our latest projectmanagment workshop we were honoured by the participation of Ibrahim Muritala, the founder of Afridat. Soon after the workshop we met in Bonn and decided that Weltweit and Afridat should cooperate on future projects.

We are looking forward to it!

Workshop on cross-cultural communication at Stuttgart

Our vice president Dory Estrade has given an interesting workshop on The Bridging Principlestogether with Helga and Barend, her two colleagues from the Netherlands at the University of Stuttgart on the 16th of October. The Bridging Principles™ are teaching you the essentials of effective communication and conflict-free cooperation not only between people across cultures but also within our daily neighbourhood. The workshop was definetly worth attending as it provided a logical framework and thus replicable success strategies of a communication behaviour that most of us already may subconsciously apply. Now it can become conscious and thereby also a subject of conscious training. We are looking forward to incorporate these Principles in our project management workshops in the future.

The Usambare water crisis: a call for cooperation

When we visited Longoi village in 2016 people there told us about their vision of building a water pipeline bringing fresh water from the mountains down to the villages. Our friend Macarena captured key-images on video and worked a little clip together that introduces WELTWEIT, the Usambare people and scenery and the next big project we started preparing this year.

2. M&E Workshop

Mid of October we have held our second workshop on Monitoring&Evaluation of developmental projects. It was an intensive but enjoyable weekend and we thank all the  students from all around the globe for participating. …. next time we promise to reduce again the theory part….

Honoring our projektmanager in Tanzania

Ibrhaim Hussein has recently received in a quite formal setting some documents that prove the appreciation for his work by the municipality of Kidogozero and the Mwambesi secondary school. …. In the meantime some thousands of tree saplings are ready for planting in the Usambara Mountains again.


Support through ONE TEAM

Not long ago a new social business came to life in Germany. ONE TEAM is supporting sports projects all over the world because Sports can make a Change. Through one of their crowdfunding campaigns they raised 500€ that Ibrahim in Tansania was given to organize soccer matches and thereby raise awareness on reforestation and environmental conservation.

Thank you ONE TEAM!