Unsere Aktivitäten


Wir organisieren Workshops und persönliche Betreuung für zukünftige Projektmanager.


Wir schaffen Netzwerke zwischen Studierenden/Alumni, Experten und Institutionen.


Wir helfen fehlende Expertise und finanzielle Mittel für die Realisierung der Projekte zu organisieren.

“It is easier to search for solutions to your own problems
than to those of others” 

William Easterly in The White Man’s Burden

Weltweit – Gesellschaft zur Förderung lokaler Initiativen e.V. was founded in 2014 by an international group of people of whom most live in Germany and share an expertise in international cooperation.

We aim to organize the technical, financial and logistical support that is available in the industrialized world and make it accessible to local initiatives in the poorer regions of the planet. We believe that those who are conscious about their problems have also the biggest potential to solve them.

We offer support, we don’t offer solutions. We acknowledge the fact that problems are multifaceted and complex. Our aim is to join findings from the natural as well as the social sciences to offer a trans-disciplinary support. Hence, we want to create a network of ambitious people who join their particular skills in order to give holistic assistance to local initiatives that aim to ensure the well being of humans and nature in the most vulnerable areas of the world.

Our Strategy

We are working together with overseas students to reach out for the local initiatives. How and why you can see in this video:

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Many thanks  go to Julia Diehl (graphics), Phillip Spataru (voice), Timo Neumann (music)

Our position concerning the Climate Change

Climate Change is widely proclaimed to be the biggest threat humanity has ever faced. If we don’t massively reduce the greenhouse gases in our atmosphere and thereby get control over the accelerated global warming the resulting environmental changes will build up to a lethal severity and may finally extinguish the human race. Many scientists, perhaps the silent majority, believe we have already lost the control. The recently discovered human -induced mass extinction of wildlife is just the precursor of our own fate.

We don’t believe that humanity will perish through the environmental effects of climate change. The sea level rise, the droughts, the heat, the extreme weather events, and even the collapse of the Gulf Stream leading to a sudden glacial epoch will kill millions of lives, but not humanity.  What can erase the human race is the fight over the resources. The impotence to collaborate. The attempt of groups and nations to safe the declining resources for one’s own utility. The separation and segregation that we can already witness on some social stages.

All this is an indirect effect of climate change, and as well as it is a threat it is an opportunity. Climate Change is humanities greatest opportunity for collaboration. Never before was the need for collaboration between all the nations, not just neighbours or allies but ALL people so pressing. Humans were always held to overcome egoism and develop fraternalism. Every religion has tried to teach us this. In the face of Climate Change we have no more choice, we need to perform a quantum leap of development, it is either invariable collaboration or extinguishment. Thus Climate Change is the greatest opportunity for the human civilization and its social development. We should embrace it.

Weltweit e.V. is a member of the development network Hessen
since 2017