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Die „Digital Round Table on Social Entrepreneurship & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems“ richten wir gemeinsam mit unseren Partnern Life Learning Development e.V. und Afridat aus.

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  27.08.2020Topic: Entrepreneurial Innovation (EI) as a catalyst for the growth of startups and social ventures in the fast changing world.
Speaker: Professor Lukman Raimi (Professor of Entrepreneurship & CSR)
Organization name: American University of Nigeria (
City, Country: Yola, Nigeria

Abstract: The rivalry among product and service providers to gain competitive advantage through the deployment of disruptive technologies is changing the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Consequently, the customers are daily being inundated with new products, processes, services, and technologies in the market domains levering the social media platforms. The slogans in the marketplaces is Innovate or Die.  This webinar is being organised to discuss Entrepreneurial Innovation (EI) as a catalyst for the growth of startups and social ventures in the fast-changing world. From diverse perspectives, the participants will learn and appreciate the definitions of EI, typologies, scope, paradigms, scenarios of EI in business and social enterprises, and barriers to EI. Ultimately, the web-Seminar will refocus the mindset of owners of startups and social ventures to embrace EI at different stages of their business growth in the fast-changing world.
25.09.2020Topic: Learning from Failure- The Story of Ambrosia Global and our Hult Prize Journey
Speaker: Tammy Charles and Dory Estrada
Organization name: Ambrosia Global LLC
City, Country: Tampa, Florida, USA

Abstract: Ambrosia Global was a social enterprise founded in 2011 from students at the University of Tampa, which aimed to franchise aquaponics systems to public-benefit organizations in food-insecure regions.Yet, despite its noble cause to alleviate food insecurity around the world, and supporting seed funding it received, this venture did not survive. In this presentation, co-founders Tammy Charles and Dory Estrada will dissect the reasons why their social enterprise venture did not get off the ground, and give some ‘‘tough love” lessons to young entrepreneurs about how failure can be a powerful teacher.
15.10.2020Topic: Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Service
Speaker: Erastus Mong’are, Founder & CEO – StartUp Africa
Organization name:   StartUp Africa (
City, Country: Nairobi, Kenya

Abstract: In a world abundant with opportunity, and in a continent abundant with educated and talented individuals, there is no reason for African nations to be so far behind economically. This webinar that’s weaved with stories of how StartUpAfrica was formed to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem for a strong Africa, and how through leadership, entrepreneurship and service, there has been success, and with it, a focus for impacting the lives of 1 million youth. By the end of the webinar, you will be inspired to: Set a vision of how you can be a change-makerActivate your leadership skills for bigger impactStay resilient with your mission when times are toughConsider joining StartUpAfrica to help achieve its #1Million youth goal by 2030
28.10.2020Topic: Trust the Process: 5 Practical Tips for Enduring the Journey of Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Craig Chavis
Organization name: Cr8tive Craig Business Consulting
City, Country: Columbus, Ohio, USA

Abstract: Entrepreneurship is a journey and not a straightforward path. In this chat, Craig will share his life story and guide readers through the ups and downs of his journey of entrepreneurship through several powerful life lessons. Craig will reveal how he transformed from being a collegiate athlete into a businessman, left everything behind to serve citizens of a foreign country, and found joy in life after a sudden and unexpected betrayal.   Through candid stories and practical advice, he will provide the vital spark of hope that will reignite your inner creative genius and inspire you to never give up no matter what the circumstance.
10.02.2021Topic: Digital marketing with emails and webinars – five steps to develop your online fundraising project
Speaker: Florian Borns, CEO & Co-Founder
Organization name: Digitale Helden gGmbH
City, Country: Frankfurt, Germany

Abstract: Fundraising is a challenge for every social entrepreneur. In this presentation Florian shows how his team got 3000 live web-seminar attendees in 2020 and raised Funds in advance so that they could offer the web-seminars for free. He will explain us the easy  „1:1:1:1:1 Method“ to start new projects.While everybody is speaking about social media and the opportunities all the new platform promise us, Florian will highlight something more traditional and convince us of the real value of the good old e-mail list.  

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18.02.2021Extra Session by Action Network Member:
Topic: Blockchain and cryptocurrencies?! Why it matters for sustainability and ecology
Speaker: Andrew Wood
Organisation name:

Abstract: Andrew’s talk will focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in SDG’s and Impact investing, an overview of the promises and dangers.

Andrew Wood is a MA Graduate of History, Political Science and Law. He founded Graphenezone – a Nanotech Ideas Hub in Manchester. Since then he has been interested in Tech and dipped his toes in Blockchain from 2013. Over the years Andrew has acquired quite some insight into Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and the future of work and creativity in a high technological world.

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25.02.2021Topic: Building Financial Resilience for Entrepreneurs
Speaker: Rukayyat Kolawole, CFA
Organization name: Founder PaceUP Invest GmbH
City, Country:

Abstract: Some financially stressful events, such as divorce, disability, unemployment, and health problems affect people individually and it often is the bullet that brings your business down or is the major obstacle for your Start-Up creation. Financial resilience is the ability to withstand life events that impact one’s income and/or assets. There are certain systematic ways to archive financial resilience and in this talk you learn about some of them. Ms Kolawole is the founder and CEO of PaceUP Invest GmbH in Germany and PaceUP Invest SAS in France; a Fintech start up whose mission is to empower women financially and help with wealth building irrespective of their income towards attaining a responsible and sustainable future for themselves and their generation. She is highly engaged in helping women take control of their money, finances, investments and lives through education, coaching, and investing to reach their goals.

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16.03.2021Topic: How to create innovative products and services using the Value Proposition Canvas
Speaker: Maren Lessmann
Organization name: Product Owner & Business Developer (self-employed)
City, Country:

Abstract: This session is about understanding and applying the Value Proposition Canvas in order to design, test and develop successful value propositions that meet customer needs. The overall goal is to achieve a perfect „fit“ between the customer’s needs, and the value proposition of your product or service. We will dive into each section of the canvas, in order to deeply understand how this fit can be achieved and most value can be created. Maren is now a Product Owner and Business Developer but before she had been working for an electricity company, where she designed and developed digital products and services using agile methods and design thinking tools. During this time, she learned what it means to quickly and efficiently create customer-centered products.  Maren will share her knowledge about tools, methods and processes with young entrepreneurs and like-minded people.

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Extra Session by Action Network Member:
Topic: Introduction to the Principles for Digital Development and how they affect the work of future change agents
Speaker: Ronald Steyer
Organization name:
City, Country: Mainz, Germany

Abstract: PositiveBlockchain recently endorsed the Principles for Digital Development <>.
Ronald will talk about why they did so, what these Principles are, and about some points that would need to be tweeked or where the perspective on local initiatives is not yet so well included. The Principles for Digital Development are nine guidelines that are designed to help integrate „best practices“ into technology-enabled programs and are intended to be updated and refined over time. With high potential of digital tools and broad adoption also in development aid projects, is there a good practice for this? There will be room for Q&A and discussion!
Ronald Steyer is board member of PositiveBlockchain, the open-source database, media platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. Its a non profit association run by a community of contributors: based in 30 cities in 15 countries and counting. Ronald knows the development aid sector from working on all levels from policy definition in the G7/8 context down to project development and implementation in an African country. He also started recently to link tech-minded people with #localize community to overcome #oldaid mindset/practices.

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Topic: Speaker: Organization name: City, Country: Abstract: approx. 1 paragraph    
Topic: Speaker: Organization name: City, Country: Abstract: approx. 1 paragraph    
Topic: Speaker: Organization name: City, Country: Abstract: approx. 1 paragraph