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Kajo Stelter – Germany

is co-founder and the current president of the association. He studied Asian Sciences at Bonn University and acquired a few years later a master in Resource Management and Agricultural Sciences of the Tropics and Subtropics. He lived for some years in China, where he worked as a tap dance instructor and later in the tool industry. He is married with two daughters and is earning his living as a freelancing arborist.

Johannes Dill – Germany

is co-founder of the association. Johannes obtained a Bachelor in Economics at Frankfurt University and a Master in Development Economics in Norway. During his academic career he studied and worked in Argentina, Peru, China and Uganda. After one year of work for the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)  in Germany and Vietnam on agricultural issues he worked in the private industrial sector but eventually came back to the professional sphere of development cooperation. He is currently working at GOPA Group, the biggest consulting firm in Germany.

Alex Wellenbeck – Germany

also a founding member of the association, Alex is the GIS specialist of the team. While studying Tropical and International Forestry (MSc) in Goettingen and Spain, he gained his first professional experiences in Argentina and Laos. After having worked as freelance forest technician in Germany, he joined GIZ as technical adviser for rural development and natural resource management in Cameroon. Alex was later living in Dakar, Senegal, and is currently working for CIM in Georgia.

Cristian Moreno – Argentina

was born and graduated as Agricultural Engineer in Argentina. Since then, he spent about 8 years conducting research and field experiments with tropical forages, range management, grassland science and grassland ecology. He has visited and studied grasslands of Argentina, Paraguay, Germany, South Africa and United States. More recently, he also explored Australian rangelands and livestock systems as well as visited CIAT in Colombia. In 2014 he published in the Journal of Applied Vegetation Science his thesis conducted during a master program in tropical Agriculture. He afterwards worked in ex situ conservation of international collections of plant genetic resources for food and agriculture as a project management assistant and data analyst where he runs a little database with MySQL queries. For more than 20 years, he is a passionate honey producer and every year he can renew his fascination for bees.

Dorothy Estrada – USA

achieved her B.S. in Environmental Science from the University of Tampa in 2013. After graduating, she worked as a Project Coordinator with an environmental non-profit organization in Tampa, Florida for 2 years. In 2015, Dory received the DAAD scholarship from Germany and completed a dual Msc. in Sustainable Urbanism and Sustainable Design through both the University of Stuttgart and Ain Shams University in Cairo in 2017. Dory is an experienced proposal/grant writer, project coordinator, and has a certificate in Permaculture Design. She is also a Master Facilitator with The Bridging Principles Europe, an organization delivering professional training on cross-cultural communication and cultural safety. Dory was elected vice president of Weltweit e.V. in 2018.

Suparna Banerjee – India

has completed her Bachelors and Masters in Sociology followed by M. Phil in Foreign Policy Studies. She has received a DAAD scholarship to pursue PhD from Centre for Development Research, University of Bonn in Political Science. Her area of expertise is bridging the gap between policy and academics.  She is passionate about amalgamating academic knowledge with market research for a sustainable corporate future.  She has been associated with the development sector in India focussing primarily  on health, education and child labourers. She has been associated with Weltweit since December, 2019 and is looking into expanding the social media management platforms of the organisation. Additionally, she is collaborating with an Indian based NGO, Samata for a project on bridging the digital divide of Indigenous people. Networking with people and observation of daily realities are her hobbies. She is a voracious reader, passionate debater and a social media enthusiast. She advocates Inclusion and diversity in every aspect of society and workplaces are not beyond it.

Jakob Herrmann  – Germany

Is a young professional in the field of ‘Agriculture and Development’, with a university background in Agronomy, as well as African and Asian Studies. After acquiring his master degree in ‚Agriculture and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics‘ from the University of Bonn in 2019, he currently works as a development worker at the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Mozambique. His interest in development oriented agricultural research evolved and fostered in the context of several foreign assignments realised throughout his studies;  i.e. Colombia, Cuba, Mozambique and Uganda. Jakob joined Weltweit in 2019 with the motivation of co- developing and co-managing our participatory agronomic research and development project located in the peri-urban vegetable producing areas of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.

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