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Bamboo Educational and Research centre in Mozambique


This project involves the construction of a research centre on a established 3-hectare bamboo forest, in Ponta do Ouro, Mozambican southern village, in parallel with the expansion of 30 hectares bamboo cultivation. By planting and using bamboo in a sustainable way, we can create jobs, provide decent and affordable housing, feed and save thousands of lives while protecting the environment and reduce the risks from devastating floods.

Analog forestry in Santo Domingo, Peru


CEARE is a non-profit Organization focused on forest conservation and rural development in the central Amazon of Peru. CEARE is helping Yanesha Indigenous communities to restore their forests through implementing Analog Forestry. Analog forestry is a low-cost and small-scale technique that focuses on increasing biodiversity and productivity by imitating natural forests. In combination with the communities’ traditional knowledge, the project aims (1) rise awareness about climate change, forest conservation, and EESS, (2) give some basic concepts about landscape restoration and Analog forestry, and (3) install pilot plots with economically and environmentally important species for the communities.

Strengthening knowledge and action networks on Saline Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa



The ESA Saline Agriculture Network initiative seeks to bring together scientists, technicians and agricultural practitioners to exchange experiences and create synergies while working towards the sustainable use and management of salt-affected agricultural soil resources in Eastern and Southern Africa. This shall be achieved through the implementation of applied agricultural research projects, topical publications, along with continuous networking and awareness raising activities.