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Climate Action Academy – Germany & Slovenia

Project Summary

German and Slovenian teachers and youth organizations get empowered to integrate the topics of climate change, water management, ecological solutions and climate justice more strongly into their activities and curricula.

Global Goals






60.000 €


  • Funding Partner:

    EU – Erasmus+

    Clément Stiftung

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Project goals

  • Raise awareness among local organizations working with youth in Germany and Slovenia about the impacts of climate change on water security and the importance of implementing mitigation and adaptation strategies.

  • Building change capacity among local organizations working with youth through the use of innovative pedagogical methods based on social entrepreneurship tools that can be used to develop solutions to climate change and water security challenges.

  • Exchange of good practices between the participating organizations from Germany and Slovenia.

  • Communicating the challenges, injustices, threats and opportunities of water security and management in Germany and Slovenia, including contributions from young activists.

The Climate Action Academy Water is a virtual training program on climate change, sustainable cities and water management aimed at educators, local organizations and their learning communities. The goal is to use an interdisciplinary approach to integrate these topics more strongly into local curricula and thus into teaching in the long term. In implementing the Climate Action Academy Water, a cross-curricular connection is made, without limiting itself to subjects in the natural sciences, but also recognizing the connection possibilities in politics, art and history. Youth organizations and other extracurricular educational institutions are given the opportunity to train through the program with the aim of passing on the content to their target group. Through the program, teachers, students, and local organizations are motivated to take concrete actions that promote sustainable lifestyles.

More specifically, the Climate Action Academy Water shares scientific information, reports and experiences, and uses them to develop practical solutions to real-world problems. Regional contexts and the effects of climate change are addressed, with the focus on water. Innovative visual and didactic tools for designing lessons and supplementing curricula are provided.

Through the program, schools and organizations working with youth can better prepare to support students* activism and innovation to find solutions to local environmental challenges. Visual tools are used that relate to the fundamentals of design thinking, uncertainty management, creativity, and teamwork.