Trees and Bees for farmers in Kibaha

  • Visting potential planting site at Kitomondo

Conservation of the coastal forests through tree planting and beekeeping in selected villages in Kibaha district, Tanzania

Inspired by the success of the first project in Tanzania, we decided to support a second project, as well managed by Ibrahim Hussein, the former Master student from Bonn University. Once again it was not our idea, neither Ibrahim’s  but the desire of a farmer cooperative, the Uwako Group, to conduct a project that would conserve the coastal forest while improving their livelihood. The Uwako Group had heared about Ibrahim’s engagement with the Longoi Group in the Usambara Mountains. They envisioned a smiliar project in their area and therefore paid Ibra’s office one day in 2015 a visit to inform him and ask for his support.  It took many more meetings and discussions until they sketched a project plan with the goal to secure the supply of fuelwood from forest plantation (thereby conserving the natural forest) and setting up micro apiaries for the farmers. The keeping of bees as pollinators of their crops and the production of honey would have a direct impact on the farmers‘ income.

Regular updates on the project progress you can find under News. At the end of each year either us or the project manager will write a report which you can find here:

Coastal Project Report 2017

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