Weltweit – Gesellschaft zur Förderung lokaler Initiativen e. V. Weltweit e. V.

Another support through the Hand in Hand-Fonds

The Hand in Hand-Fonds is conjointly administered by Rapunzel and the Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH). They support the reforestation project of the people of Longoi and Mlifu with 4500 €! This money will especially be used to craft beehives and teach the farmers the skill of beekeeping and honeymaking. The boxes with the bees will be installed into the trees of the communal forest and the honey will serve as an alternative source of income for the villagers. This will contribute to the sustainabilty of the entire project.
Rapunzel obtains its ecological cultivated and fair traded resources from contract farmers all over the world. 1 % of the Hand in Hand products’ purchase prize goes as donation into the Hand in Hand-Fonds, which then supports projects like the one of the Longoi Agricultural and Environmental Group.
End of November Kajo was invited to visit Rapunzel in southern Germany. He was truly inspired by this humane Company and its wonderful history. If you can, eat Rapunzel!