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New project in Colombia

Andres Bodensiek comes from Colombia and studies a Master in Agriculture and Food Economics at the Univsersity of Bonn. He asked us to join him in his support of an organisation called Populus Proyectos Comunitarios based in Bogota. Populus is a registered Ngo that was founded in 2011 by five friends. Their goal is to create awareness of social problems in the rural outskirts of Bogota using the arts and cultural events and especially through filmmaking.

In the last 6 years Populus has conducted workshops in 14 communities teaching children and adolescents how to produce short films that document the living conditions in their communities. The shorts were displayed for public in an event called „Cine Comunidad“ and also on various film festivals. The youth learned a new skill that would give them a new perspective in life and the communities were collectively confronted with their specific social problems. In most of these communities that has led to surprising changes which has convinced us to support Andres and his project. You’ll learn more about it under Projects soon.