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Introductory Yogasiddhi Webinar

Free Webinar on How to recover from stress with Himalayan Yogasiddhi 

by Kendra Maya and Maha Vrukayu

Who are we?

Meenakshi Piplani (aka Kendra Maya) is an international alumna from Dresden and a Sustainability Framework Specialist and also a Himalayan Yogi. Yoga helped her overcome challenges during her studies and in managing stress in the job-hunting phase. She has trained in the Yoga of Accomplishment from Guru Pashupati of India. Her yoga partner Nishant Raj (aka Maha Vrukayu) is an actor, jiu-jitsu martial artist and a Yogi learning from the same teacher.

What are we offering?

Yoga defines „stress“ as the result of two opposing forces. If your communication inside yourself is conflicted then about important things, you will be stressed. We are teaching the Emotional Mastery Framework that was developed at Himalayan Holistic Healing to transform our internal communication or self-talk. In this free webinar we will share the fundamentals of this method and the practical tools, including specific meditations to have more positive and constructive conversations with ourselves.

So, maybe you are now saying that all sounds great! What do we need to bring?All you need is to come to the webinar in high energy!!

After this webinar, if you are interested in mastering internal communication (for e.g. negative self-talk), get in touch with us during the Q&A


März 26, 2023 - März 26 15:30




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