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The Story Studio

Storytelling has become an essential part to not only impress your audience but also to present oneself in a credible manner.

So, how can you share your story in an intriguing way that will enable one to achieve the objectives? In this special Story Studio you will develop the story of your choice and learn the nuances of storytelling.

In addition, a socio-psychological journey will help you to understand your audience, their expectations and how you can personalise the story accordingly.

Meet Dr. Stephen Wagner and Dr. Suparna Banerjee at this workshop which is specially designed for those who are keen to attract and delight their audience with personal storytelling.


Mai 27, 2022 - Mai 27 16:30




Dr. Stephen Wagner (Redelandschaften, Weltweit e.V.)

Dr. Suparna Banarjee (Weltweit e.V.)

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