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Integration of local farm production with school fed program


This project aims to enhance the nutritional quality of mid-day meals for students by replacing junk food with locally produced organic farm products. Additionally, it seeks to transform schools into community learning centers, providing educational resources and fostering community engagement. By securing a stable market for the organic produce of local farmers, the project will generate sustainable income for these farmers. Furthermore, it will promote the use of electric cooking methods to reduce reliance on biomass and LPG, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly environment.



The Kibaha Beekeeping Project in Tanzania, led by Ibrahim Hussein and supported by Weltweit and the Environmental Conservation Action, aims to harness the region’s rich biodiversity for sustainable economic growth. The project is establishing a Beekeeping Training Center funded by the BMZ Small Project Fund and the Ursula Merz Foundation, offering education and practical experience to new and experienced beekeepers. Through training, market access at trade expos, and environmental conservation efforts, the initiative seeks to increase local income, improve agricultural yields, and protect the Ruvu North Forest, promising a future of sustainable livelihoods and ecological resilience.

SACHA PROJECT – Outdoor environmental education with marginal schools in Cochabamba-Bolivia


The project aims to provide a nature based educational experience to foster conservation values, get a better understanding of the ecosystem and lead a behavioral change from an early age. As part of this initiative, a four-month pilot project was designed to implement outdoor environmental education for children between 8 to 12 years from rural and public schools in Cochabamba-Bolivia, aligned with SDG 4.